Character Integrity Sportsmanship

Mo had a tough semi final soccer game.

He played against his former coach of 2 years.

He missed 6 games this season due to being in a cast.  

The weather was cold, field muddy, and pouring rain.  

It was one of the most physical games I’ve ever seen played- Two yellow cards issued, coaches running on the field, players being thrown/elbowed/tripped/charged at.

Hard to believe it was an under 10 soccer game.


Through all the drama, not one time did Mo lose his cool.  He stayed focused and his sportsmanship never wavered. NOT ONCE.  Was this really MY child?

I’m an INTENSE sports fan.  I wear all my emotions on my sleeve. When I’m upset during a game, you know it!! If someone talks smack to me, I will get the last word in.

I watched with pride as I realized my son is nothing like me in this aspect.  If I’ve ever had a proud parenting moment, that was definitely in my top 3.

As parents we want our kids to have more opportunity; have greater success. Ultimately we want our kids to be better than us.

I want my kids to suprass me in character, integrity, sportsmanship.

I may not always lead with the best example but I do my damndest to teach it.

In that moment when Mo was tripped and thrown to ground I got tears of pride in my eyes as he jumped up, regained control of the ball, and scored (left footed [!] ) on the next play.

That’s the best way to show em Mo!!!

“Victory is remembered for at most two decades; an act of good sportsmanship is remembered for a lifetime.”  – Simon Nguyen

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