My High School Vision Board

Vision BoardI came across my high school memory book and couldn’t help but smile when I looked over the vision board for “My Future”.

I could actually remember being a senior in high school and putting it together at my parents’ house.  It was great to see that everything I forecasted had already come true and all before I was 35 years old.

It was a little eerie how true to life my projections came to be.

MONEY- Haha.  I even used a real dollar bill.  Yes, I went on to make really good money at a young age and I’m glad my parents taught me the value of a dollar.  Most young kids making money like that would have gone all Versace back in that day. lol I was a saver.

COLLEGE-LSU. 21 years later, I’m back at LSU and still believe it’s the greatest school in the land!!!

GOOD GOOD JOB- Very fortunate to have had 2 amazing careers in the medical and marketing worlds then being able to raise my kids as a stay at home mom. Definitely a dream come true.

NICE CARS- Yup, I wasn’t really into cars but married someone who was so hot wheels were always plentiful, and white just as in the picture.

BEAUTIFUL HOUSE- Had a house that looked almost EXACTLY like the one in my memory book. Crazy.

LOTS OF CUTE KIDS- 2 boys are pictured and I have 2 of the most amazing boys any mom could ever ask for.

I guess subliminally, vision boards work.

Although it wasn’t a perfect road, I feel so fortunate to have a great life filled with personal and professional accomplishments.  All goals have been met. Anything after this point is just a BONUS! 🙂

I notice I left “Marriage” blank.  I always wanted to be married but I never put much thought into the qualities of a man I was looking for.  Although I was married, I realize now that I have never had problems with career, money, and education because I focused and planned on those areas.  This phase of my life I need to focus more on the type of man I will spend my future with and not just settle for whatever comes my way.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, lets get out the magazines and start visioning what’s next…

Time to make a new vision board and embark on the second part of my life. 🙂

“The most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision.”-Helen Keller

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