Tae Bo With Billy Blanks

DSC_1861I’ve never worked out on Thanksgiving.  Unless you count running back and forth to the dinner table for 3rds and 4ths.

This year I decided to try a Thanksgiving workout.  With the boys in tow, we hit The Beat Fitness for Tae Bo with Billy Blanks.

I’ve taken a few Tae Bo classes at The Beat with another instructor.  I am nowhere near a pro, but I was curious to see what a workout with the Tae Bo creator would be like.

Tae Bo comes from TAE Kwon Do and BOxing.  It also stands for:


  • Total commitment to whatever you do
  • Awareness of yourself and the world
  • Excellence, the truest goal in anything you do
  • (the) Body as a force for total change
  • Obedience to your will and your true desire for change

Billy’s Tae Bo class was Thanksgiving morning and it was so packed you would’ve thought they were giving away free pumpkin pies!  Who knew people really worked out before diving into the turkey?!  Apparently Thanksgiving workouts are popular in LA, I really enjoyed it.  Billy Blanks did not disappoint.

060411-N-6270R-003  BlanksTae Bo was all the rave in the early 90s,  Billy says that just like technology “updates” itself, he has done the same with Tae Bo.  It’s an amazing full body workout that combines martial arts with flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Five minutes of Tae Bo will seriously have you questioning your rhythm!  While trying to catch on to new combinations I fluctuate resembling a cheerleader, Krumper, and drunk.  Eventually I think of an Ex and punch away catch on though.  Tae Bo isn’t just physical, it is definitely a workout for the mind of concentration and focus.

Do not even attempt Tae Bo if your hair is freshly curled, clean, or looking cute.  Your mane will instantly sweat out within 5 minutes.  I swear during the workout I drink more water than a school of fish.  I get it in!

Billy’s energy is KRAY! He’s very encouraging.  When he’s not doing the combinations with the class, he walks around the room giving pointers to first timers as well as motivating regulars.  Since Tae Bo is still new to me he corrected my form a few times which really made a difference with the workout.  One small change to a punch or kick can be felt immediately.

Having seen so many bogus new fitness crazes, Instagram trainers, and infomercials I can tell you Billy Blanks is the real deal.  He’s taken a basic concept and combined it with his high energy and motivating spirit.  It’s no wonder over 500 million people have been enjoying Tae Bo for over 20 years.

I’m a believer and happily went home and enjoyed a few extra helpings of mac n cheese thanks to Tae Bo.

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