Thanksgiving Meaning

Thanksgiving MeaningGrowing up Thanksgiving was one of my least favorite holidays, probably down there with Columbus Day.  It involved no presents and I was forced to eat dry turkey.  Not much fun for a kid.

Once I had kids, I began to appreciate the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  Now that they are 9 and 5, we all look forward to it.  They help come up with a dinner menu, assist with meal prep, and invite their friends over to get some good ole Southern cooking.  And of course, they know there will be no school and lots of FOOTBALL on Thanksgiving.

But above all, it really is the perfect time to reflect and remind ourselves how blessed we are.  Living in a pretentious city like LA it’s imperative to keep the boys grounded.  I realize that the lifestyle of many people here is not the norm for the rest of the country.  I want to make sure my kids understand that while appreciating the life we have as well as the friends and family in our life.

This year we started a new Thanksgiving tradition that I hope to carry on. We had fun talking about daily thanks, being thankful for the unexpected, and appreciating the little things. When Halloween pumpkins went on sale I scooped one up and each day in November we took turns writing what we are thankful for (this is where too much time on Pinterest gets you).  We’ll use the finished pumpkin as our Thanksgiving centerpiece and read all our daily thanks before we eat.

I hope this helps the boys understand it’s not what you eat or do on Thanksgiving; it’s about sharing with loved ones and being thankful for all that you have.

Thanksgiving Meaning

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