Greatest Motherly Advice From My Mom

Mo And MomMy mom rarely preaches to me about parenting.  I appreciate that.

However, when she makes subtle observations or gives advice I take it to heart because she doesn’t comment much.  She casually said something about Mo that really made me think.

“As the oldest son growing up in a house without a man present, be careful not to pressure him too much.  Let him enjoy being a kid.”

I couldn’t agree more with her statement.  Mo is very mature beyond his years when it comes to his outlook on life and reality.  He is also very observant, emotional, and protective.  I want him to balance this with his youth. I want him to enjoy life and the process of growing up.

As a mother of 2 kids, there naturally seems to be a greater sense of responsibility and expectations on the eldest.

As a divorced mom I never want my kids to feel responsible for my happiness.  I want the role of parent and child to be clear and apparent.

No child should feel as though he has to fill the shoes of a man.

No child should feel responsible for his mom’s happiness.

No child should be accountable to parent a parent.

No child should go without a childhood.

There is nothing more I want to give my boys than a blissful life filled with adolescent memories of popsicles, the playground, endless swimming, park picnics, silly giggles, movie night, homework, soccer practice, summer camp, and arts and crafts.

I appreciate the gentle reminder from my mom.

Thanks mom!

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