Go Girl! Maria Kang Rocks!!!

mariaThe internet has been up in arms about a photo posted by California mom of 3, Maria Kang.

I actually saw this picture a year ago and remember thinking “This mom ROCKS!”.

Keep in mind, I’m a mom who practically lives on the beach in a bikini with my sons.  Her photo inspired me.  Seeing a fit and beautiful mom with 3 children barely a year apart gave me the oomph to work out on days I just wanted to watch Desperate Housewives reruns in bed and eat cupcakes.

I’ve seen numerous fitness memes all over Instagram and Facebook with a similar mantra and they’ve never gotten the criticism Maria Kang’s photo has. Is it because she appears as a mom with her kids? That makes her and the message even more badasss to me.

Recently the photo has gone viral generating over 16 million Facebook views and over 32,000 comments.  Angry moms have criticized her for “fat shaming”.

Women have taken to social media with their soap box rants offended by the tagline on her super hot photo “What’s Your Excuse”?  The public outrage has thrown Maria into the spotlight and she’s had appearances on Good Morning America, CNN, and Inside Edition defending herself and issuing an apology to those offended.

544013_10200981787408004_1573563427_nI was appalled by the audacity of strangers and their negative comments.  Here’s a woman who doesn’t profit from fitness.  She’s a mom of 3 trying to inspire others to be fit and healthy.

She runs an unpaid nonprofit, Fitness Without Borders, a FREE Mom-Me Fit Club that meets in public parks three times a week and FREE 12-week family fitness boot camps.  She is very candid about her past struggles with bulimia in an attempt to help others who might be battling an eating disorder.  She posts healthy eating tips and workouts on her website.

She works hard to be fit and is trying to instill healthy eating with her children.  Maria said she wakes up at 6 a.m., tries to run 3 miles on her treadmill, and serves her kids Raisin Bran, sweet potato pancakes, fruit or eggs for breakfast – “no pop tarts, no sugar cereals.” She squeezes in an hour of strength-training at California Family Fitness by taking her children to the gym’s child-care center.

Seriously, this woman is a Saint in my eyes.  I hate her because she can get her kids to eat Raisn Bran!!

If you took her photo personally, that’s YOUR issue.  This woman doesn’t know you and wasn’t judging anyone.

1004038_10201504520756011_1640222863_nI see the negative backlash against her the same as I do when others criticize someone’s high education level, luxurious lifestyle, picket fence relationship, awesome sex life…when you see something in someone else’s life you desire but don’t have you take offense.  If you’re truly happy with yourself and your life you don’t feel animosity, shame, envy, or negativity towards someone else, especially someone you don’t know.

How about all the naysayers work on whatever it is within themselves they are lacking and stop attacking a woman who is merely trying to motivate and inspire.

Body image and weight have always been sensitive topics for women.  Throw in aging and motherhood and it goes to a whole nother level.  I get it.  I don’t like to workout but I LOVE to eat and I like to feel comfortable in a bikini on the beach.  I will never look like Maria but she and women like her inspire me to be the best version of myself.

If fitness and physique are goals for you, make a plan and execute it. I’m no fitness expert but I’m pretty sure spending exuberant amounts of time and energy berating another woman definitely won’t help you get in your favorite jeans from 5 years ago.  And if putting down other people makes you feel better about yourself, you are definitely the one with the problem.  Not Maria Kang.


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