Amazing Story Of Auburn’s 100th Homecoming Queen

-c7412fa22792ea78Auburn University crowned it’s Homecoming Queen, Molly Anne Dutton.

The horticulture major seems bubbly and sweet and plans to continue studying horticulture via Auburn’s Masters program.  She hopes to own a retail nursery one day.

In addition to this she’s beautiful and has an amazing story to share with the world.  Her Homecoming campaign platform “Light Up Life” raises adoption awareness.

Molly Anne’s biological mother’s pregnancy  was the result of a sexual assault.  Her then husband gave her an ultimatum: abort the baby or get a divorce.  She decided to leave her California home, move to Alabama, and continue her pregnancy.

-792f25e34c65afc2She carried out the pregnancy with the assistance of an adoption agency, Lifeline Children’s Services.  One of the Board of Directors, Peggy Dutton adopted the child 2 days after birth.

Twenty two years later that baby, Molly Anne Dutton was crowned the 100th Homecoming Queen at Auburn University.

Homecoming Queen selection is often a popularity contest.  Most contestants have the backing of a sorority or major organization. Molly Anne had neither.  Just a great personal story and the endorsement of a small club in the horticulture department.

Molly Anne is the youngest of 6 children, 2 by birth and 4 adopted by the Duttons.

Such a beautiful story about 3 brave and amazing women.

Congratulations Auburn.  You’re a winner.


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