Mo’s BFF Came Here From Syria

47a3dd36b3127cce98548aa912fa00000035100AasnDds3buGtgOne year ago Mo met his BFF and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

They watch movies and laugh at silly jokes together.

They make outrageous YouTube videos in hopes of going viral.

Mo introduced him to 2 Chainz.  His BFF taught him how to cuss in 3 languages.

They play soccer, swim, ride bikes, and walk to school together.

He spends a lot of time with our family and in our home.  When he’s around I love seeing how happy Mo is and how much they’re alike.

The beautiful part of their friendship is that Mo’s BFF came to Los Angeles from Syria a year ago.  He barely spoke English but was proficient with soccer skills.  That’s the only language he needed to garner Mo’s admiration.

Soccer became their bond.

Mo helped his Syrian friend with his English, in turn he  learned some hardcore serious soccer moves from his new buddy.

His pal often talks about the love for his country and how he worries about family and friends still in Syria.  He speaks casually of experiencing bombings and attacks.  He explains this was daily life.

Soccer became his escape and as he and Mo spent more time together I told Mo’s soccer coach about this amazing kid.  Mo’s coach graciously sponsored him and 3 days a week I watched him smile, laugh, and kick ass on the soccer field with my son.

There is serious conflict in Syria but if two nine year old boys from opposite ends of the world can find common ground maybe the world can learn a lesson about friendship and international relations from these guys.


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