Happy Labor Day

labor_dayAs a mom when I hear “labor” I instantly think of pushing out my son.

No, Labor Day is not the day for mommies to post IG birthing video clips.

Labor Day is a national holiday signed into action by President Grover Cleveland.  It is the first Monday in September and a day to pay tribute to working men and women.

The US Department of Labor defines it as “a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

The essence of the holiday has shifted from the parades and labor union demonstrations of the late 1800s to bbqs and beach days.

Retailers take advantage of everyone being home with great sales (thus not giving their employees a day off, so be nice to the salespeople).  If you’re looking for some good sales, click HERE.

I love spending the day by the water.  The four day weekend means more time with my boys.  Since their fave activity is to catch some waves, that means hitting the beaches.  No argument there!

Many people signify Labor Day with the end of summer, no more wearing white, back to school, and mattress sales.  However you spend the day, hope you’re enjoying it with the fam and loved ones. And NO birthday videos 🙂


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