Your Child Deserves More Than Mediocrity

CYMERA_20130821_094159There comes a point in life when you need to garner a sense of accountability.  A time to be liable for your actions.  A time to GROW UP.  The minute you’re responsible for the union of sperm and an egg is a good time.

As an adult your child deserves more than mediocrity.

Your father wasn’t around? 

Your mom liked to party?

Your parents fought all the time?

So sorry.  Go get some therapy.  Your sob story and excuses are unwarranted when raising a child.

I look around at kids sometimes and think no child deserves to be loved more than another.  No child has the right to more opportunity than the next.  No child should be denied a happy, loving, positive environment.  This neccesitates parenting.  This is where you come in.  This is your obligation!


Don’t sike yourself out by thinking you’re doing your child justice simply because you’re a better parent than the dysfunctional mess you grew up in.

Don’t justify half ass child rearing because you’re a meager bit more present than your own parents were during your childhood.

There’s no rationalization  for lackluster parenting because you’re slightly better than your deadbeat buddies.  Step up your parenting.  Find better friends too.

You’re having financial troubles?  

Career not prospering like you planned?  

Trouble in paradise?  

DEAL WITH IT.  Your personal problems should have no bearing on your child’s happiness.  Meanwhile your little one…the one who wholeheartedly deserves an adolescence full of bliss faces issues like identity crises, bullying, not fitting in, academic struggles and so much more.  You have the power to instill confidence, integrity, and merriment in your child’s life.  Do not fail him.

As an adult it is 100% your responsibility to seek knowledge, find love in your heart, and time in your schedule to guarantee your child knows he is loved, protected, and worthy of a happy life.

It’s not a perfect road.  We all make mistakes.  It’s part of the parenting process.  Recognize your shortcomings and adapt.

Making excuses is easy.  Breaking cycles of dissension starts with the affirmation that you are cognizant your child deserves more than mediocrity.  Be better. Do better.  Your child is entitled to more than anything you can provide but at least know you actively undertook the task of shaping the life of a future leader of America.

Just as you hold on to memories of your childhood your offspring will do the same.  You have the efficacy to control the legacy you will leave with your child.

Choose wisely.


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