First Day Of School


It’s hard to believe the boys are finally off to school together.  For the first time.

Their 4 year age difference will have them apart in school more than together so I am really loving this moment.

Mo being in 4th grade really affords him the opportunity to play the Big Brother role to B, who is starting kindergarten.

Our first day was extremely pleasant.  After a short but sweet summer break we managed to get up early and at school on time.

A hearty preliminary breakfast of bacon, pancakes, smoothies, and fruit got us going.  Just wait, by day 7 breakfast will be grabbing a granola bar and banana soI definitely indulged in the first day culinary treat!

Here’s to an amazing school year.  Hope you all started it on a positive note!

DSC_0099 20130813_080739 DSC_0107

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