Water Park Fun For Only $4!


It’s hard to beat the LA heat.  I found a fun well priced gem just in time.

The Santa Clarita Aquatics Center is a great way to stay cool and have family fun.  Admission is $4 per child, $6 for adults. Kids 2 and under are FREE and must wear swim diapers.

There are 2 swim areas. One 25 meter dive pool with 3 diving boards.  Kids must pass a quick swim test to swim in this area.  The other area is a kiddie pool complete with water play structures and a 160 ft waterslide.    The water depth varies and is great for small kids of all ages.  There are plenty of lifeguards on duty however children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

There are so many great things to say about the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center.  To begin with there is such a happy family feel.  It’s not a resort environment flooded with lounge chairs and masseuses . Adults are actively engaging with their kids and in the water interacting.  No mommies gossiping poolside sipping umbrella drinks.  This is not the place for inattentive parents who wanna be on their cell phones.

IMG_20130811_161648One of the most notable differences from the Aquatic Center and big commercialized water parks is how clean it is.  This place is spic and span.  They do a great job keeping the grounds and entire facility looking brand new. Every hour they do a mandatory evacuation out of the water facilities.  Everyone has to get out of the water.  They do a security check and it’s a great time for kids to use the restroom, change diapers, eat, etc.  The break only lasts about 5 minutes.  It’s a nice much needed chance for everyone to re-fuel.

Speaking of re-fueling, the food isn’t bad and it’s priced reasonably.  No outside food or beverages are allowed except for bottled water.  The food is decent though and doesn’t break the bank.  We had pizza, fruit bowl (watermelon & grapes), a slushie, Frito pie (fritos, chili, and cheese), and a pasta bowl (penne, tomatoes, onions, Italian dressing).  It was around $20.

Family fun doesn’t have to be expensive.  We had a great time for a fraction of the price of the amusement parks located within miles.  The boys are already begging to go back and I will happily oblige.

*Look closely for Mo on the waterslide and diving board 🙂 *






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