Every Woman Doesn’t Want Your Man

Illustrated+silhouette+of+a+beautiful+womanOn a playdate at the park a dad who happened to be an old family friend approached me to say hello.  Out of nowhere in a blink of an eye Alfred from Batman a suspecting woman instantly appeared hovering by his side.

His wife.

Sucking her teeth, hands on hips she gives me the once over followed by an accusing side eye.

To put her at ease I instantly introduce myself and politely explain the innocent nature of my acquaintance with her husband.  I then go one step further to introduce her to my kids.  As if to say see Biatch lady, I’m not some video vixen trolling public parks to pick up soccer dads. I am a responsible mom spending QT with my kids.


Hold up. Wait a minute…Why am I doing all this?!

Ever since my divorce this is an all too common situation I face.  The unmarried woman at the kiddie functions walking on water around anyone bearing testosterone.

I find myself intentionally dressing down in sweats and tees just to make women feel better about their insecurities.

I deliberately avoid all dads I don’t know., and dads I do know I limit it to a simple wave or “hi”.

Sunglasses are practically glued to my face just so a blink is never misconstrued as a flirtatious eyelash bat.

Oh, the irony how I went from the pitied married woman being cheated on to being seen as a vulturous threat.


At children’s functions I constantly feel like a felon- guilty of wanting to steal someone’s husband til proven otherwise.  This has to stop.

Insecurity is never pretty.  Passing false judgement is equally unattractive, not to mention hurtful.

Look wives, you can have your balding, pot bellied, unattentive, good for nothing men you constantly complain about on GNO.  I am not after your man.  I’m just a mom trying to enjoy the new life I’ve created for myself and my children.

If you’re not happy with yours, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate yourself and/or your marital situation instead of being so quick to brand a single mom with the Scarlet Letter.


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