Great Summer Read

41pYDvMI1ZLWonder is the debut novel written by mom of 2, R.J. Palacio.

It came highly recommended by a few friends.

I’ve been trying to excite Mo about reading for quite some time.  I figured reading this together would be a great way to get some QT in and share my love of words with him.

We were instantly captivated by the lead character Auggie, a 5th grader born with facial deformities who starts mainstream school for the first time.

Wonder touches lightly on bullying but I think the focus is more on the choices we have in life regarding kindness and humanity.

The majority of the book is told from August’s life but we also get brief introspection to some other characters.  It’s easy to empathize with Auggie, but hearing the point of view of others helps us understand another perspective and learn from their mistakes.

So much dialogue was elicited while reading this book with Mo.  We discussed his friends, what he would do in some of Auggie’s situations, different family structures, and morals.

Without being too preachy or self righteous, Wonder subtly reminds you to think twice about how you treat someone different whether it’s appearance, special need, interest or race.

One of life’s biggest lessons is “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” One of Wonder‘s biggest lessons is don’t judge a boy by his face.

We cried happy tears and tears of sadness.  We also laughed and laughed and laughed.

Wonder is truly a great read for kids and adults.  It brought back so many school days memories for me. The fear of sitting alone at the lunch table on the first day of school is something almost everyone can relate to.

It comes to no surprise that Hollywood is already calling Wonder, which has  been on the New York Times Bestseller list since its publication in February 2012.  Lionsgate is working to bring this gem to the big screen.

We could not put Wonder down and didn’t want it to end.  This powerful book made Mo’s face light up and eyebrows furrow.  We talk about Auggie in our daily routine like he’s part of our family now.

Regardless of your age this book will touch your heart and spirit.

Amazon has the hardcover edition on sale for $7.91.  This is one you’ll definitely wanna have in your personal library.  Mo is already asking to read it again.

Here’s the book release video ( Yes, apparently they do book release videos now. Lol):


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