lacma_jazz_main_1When I think of museums I visualize snooty old people drinking Evian with their pinky out wearing Derby hats.

Clearly I was traumatized as a child.

After living in LA for 14 years I finally was dragged by a friend decided to step out of my comfort zone and venture somewhere new with B.

I will admit when OOMF said we were going to a museum I made sure my phone was fully charged so I could pass the time with every form of social media possible.  Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise.

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is awesome!!!

IMG_20130719_111311To begin with admission is FREE.

I love this.  Such a perfect way to promote arts education for the youth.

LACMA offers an Arts for NexGen membership which includes a FREE membership for kids 17 and under!!! This FREE membership also includes 1 FREE adult admission ticket. HELLLLOOoooo. Arts for NexGen LACMA is the nation’s only free youth membership program.  I seriously could not believe it.

Member sign up was super easy.  There’s a special table that helps parents and kids sign up.  LACMA staff was extremely friendly offering museum suggestions for the kids.  They even managed a kind smile each time I asked, “…AND IT’S FREE?!“.

The pleasant surprises just kept on coming.  The environment was laid back and chic.  Since it’s summer there were a few camps and tourists visiting.  The museum patrons were all pleasant and not at all stuffy like I had expected.

…and the FOOD, WOWZERS! LACMA has 4 dining options including a yummy fresh restaurant, cafe, cute coffee shop, and a bar. YES, I said bar as in get your drank on.  I had a grilled cheese w/bacon, tomatoes, and avocado with a side of garlic fries for lunch with a mango macaroon.  My palette was very pleased.  The famed Patina group provides all the on site kibbles.

Must do kid activities at LACMA:

1. The rubber spaghetti noodles B really enjoyed running in and out of this car wash looking germ trap work of art. Kids of all ages seemed to have fun.


2. Metropolis II– This cool kinetic structure has 100,000 cars that circulate continuously through various structures. The continuous flow of cars & trains is very entertaining even to a non car fanatic. It’s definitely a must see.



3. The Rock– No, not the tatted up hottie, but a REAL ROCK. A REALLY big rock. It’s huge and nestled on a beautiful palm tree lined street. Kinda fun standing under a huge rock. Yes? No?


3. The Boone Children’s Gallery– This was definitely the highlight for B. The peaceful room for kids to paint is so inviting. There’s soft music and an array of paint so beautifully displayed sort of Bento box style. The best part is the Children’s Gallery stamp of approval you can put on the artwork. B could have literally painted a mural in here.




If I haven’t sold you on LACMA yet, it is the perfect date spot.  The grounds are beautiful and hip.  The museum is neatly tucked away in gorgeous Hancock Park.  There’s good eats, cool peeps, and oh yeah, art.

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