How To Enjoy Twitter

twitter-historySocial media is taking over.

Tv, movies, brands and celebrities are all turning to social media for promo and entertainment.

If you haven’t been bitten by the Twitter bug, it’s not too late.

Recently we’ve seen major news stories and current events break on Twitter before it hits the media airwaves.

Anytime I feel an earthquake or think I feel one I check my Twitter TL.  If “earthquake” isn’t trending within a minute, it didn’t happen!

Hollywood personalities take to their Twitter to easily reach their fan base.  This has been a PR dream AND nightmare for many celebs. See Amanda Bynes.

Websites announce online sales & coupons via Twitter.  Before I make an online purchase, I’ll go to the site’s Twitter and check for deals.

TV shows have been engaging fans by having the actors live tweet during the show.  It’s pretty cool to watch Scandal while Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) and show creator Shonda Rhimes dish filming and episode secrets.

The key to enjoying Twitter is finding people/sources to follow you connect with.  I follow a little of everything…funny moms, news outlets, sports, entertainment.  There is something for everyone just seek out your interests: politics, horoscopes, outdoor/adventure, fashion, religion, etc.

It seems as though Twitter has become my morning paper.

Here are some of my favorite peeps who Tweet:

Honest Toddler

If you need a good laugh or want to feel like your kids aren’t the worst beings on the planet this is the Twitter account to follow.  Tweets are written from a toddler’s POV by an absolutely hilarious mommy.

Cool Mom Picks

Started by 2 moms find everything a mom would love from high tech gadgets, nursery furnishing, kid apps, and unthinkable gift ideas. Many of the products are mom created or from small boutique businesses.

Oddest Facts

Just in case I’m ever on jeopardy this account keeps me in the loop of weird neat facts.

Chrissy Teigen

This former Deal or No Deal Model and fiance of Grammy winner John Legend never minces her word.  Here tweets make you laugh and sometimes think. A good follow for entertainment.  Occasionally she throws in cooking tweets too.  Just ignore those.

Roland Martin

The TVONE host/managing editor says what he feels about politics, current events and entertainment.  He tweets faster than I talk.  You will feel like you’re with him via his live tweets from political/sport/entertainment events. The only downfall is his love for Texas A&M.  Although I had fun picking on him when LSU beat the Aggies. 🙂

Don’t be afraid of the Twitter bug.  It takes a little while to get the hang of but once you find your niche it can be a great tool for marketing, promotion, networking, information, and entertainment.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow your FAVE mom…@AHotMama 🙂

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