Alonso Mateo- 5 Year Old Style Icon

996a2feada3c11e29a8222000a1f8ccf_7Move over Scott Disik, there’s a new style icon on the rise.

Five year old Alonso Mateo is taking the Instagram world by storm.

Clad in Gucci, Dior, AllSaints, Alexander Wang, and Tom Ford this preschooler has a following of over 29,000 Instagram followers and 5 fan pages.

His IG selfies rival a GQ spread.

While most 5 year old boys are ready for the playground this preschooler is ready to rock the Catwalk.

At 5 years old he has more fashion sense than the majority of men I know.

Come on…lil man wears pocket squares and aviator glasses!!!

It’s no doubt his fashion inspiration comes from his parents. Mom, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa is a fashion stylist, dad is a CEO of a private equity firm.

Little Lonso was born in Monterrey, Mexico but currently struts his threads in Laguna Beach, California.

Just as young girls his age who are into fashion are criticized for being too sexy there have also been naysayers saying he’s too materialistic and image conscious.

As a mom whose sons consider fashion as wearing Thor underwear on their head, it was interesting to see a 5 year old rocking the latest designs from Fashion Week.

Here are some of his winning Instagram looks (taking notes).










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