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PhotoGrid_1369868551813Just call me Thornton Mellon.

After 15 years I’ve gone back to school.

WOW!  Things sure have changed.

One of the hardest adaptations for me: ONLINE TEXTBOOKS.  Bleh.

When I graduated undergrad pretty much the only people who had a laptop were the same ones who had a private plane. I never would have thought we’d ditch the student store textbook lines for cyber reading.

Technology and IT are amazing!!!!!

Reading on an electronic device is hard for me.

1. I like the tactile feel of pages. I like writing and underlining in a book. It’s easy for me to refer to a folded down page.  Using my index finger as a highlighter is definitely taking some time to get used to but I’m slowly adapting to this superpower.

2. Being on the Kindle app can quickly lead to being on the Twitter app, Fruit Ninja, and Spades.  Again, the index finger is powerful. Just one tap takes me away from Porter’s Value Chain into the world of social media and games.

3. I don’t think any parent ever bargained with their child to use a textbook. I find myself negotiating with my kids for iPad time.  “I need to read” sometimes pales in comparison to the excitement of FIFA 2013 and Temple Run.

One advantage of being a “seasoned” student is definitely my focus and study habits. I have studied more in 1 week for my midterm than I probably did my entire undergrad senior year.

I’m not just studying either, I’m actually LEARNING.

Wow. Imagine that, learning in school. 🙂

As a kid in school, I remember just memorizing to get by for the test. Now, I’m ingesting and really thinking about the material. I apply it to life situations. I feel so grown up!

As some things have changed, one thing remains the same….my all time fave place to study is poolside!!!  Oh the joys of multitasking. Something about the Vitamin D just gets my tan brain going.

Bring on the toga parties!!!!

Nora Thornton Mellon is in the building.


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