Bronson Scissorhands

As a parent you know your kids are gonna have moments that shock you.

It’s a child’s job, right?

When the moment arises though I don’t think we can ever  be prepared.

Imagine the horror I felt when I walked out of the bathroom to this:


I look over at B and see this:


This is how he looked just moments before:


It took me a minute to put it all together. In the time it took me to pee and get dressed, my 4 year old cut his own hair then sat on the couch pretending like it was just another day.

When asked why he did it he said, “I wanted to look handsome” eyelash bat, eyelash bat. Hmm…I guess “handsome” is in the eye of the scissor holder.


The next day I let him relish in his homemade Salt N’ Pepa asymmetrical.


A couple days later he asked to go get a haircut. PHEW!!! I didn’t wanna be the one to initiate it.


I must say I kind of like B’s short locks. He might have been on to something with the “handsome” thing because 3 girls at school have a crush on him now.

I’ve talked to a few parents who have said their kids at some point experiment with their locks and scissors. I’ll just chalk this one up as a story to add to my memory bank for his future Prom date.


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