Summer Swimming Lessons

securedownloadWarm weather is here!

I love taking advantage of the California sun. Long days by the pool with the boys is the best.

On our trip to Hawaii B loved hanging out in the pool and wading in the ocean waves, but he wouldn’t swim. It’s not that he COULDN’T swim, he had swimming lessons 2 summers ago. He had lost his confidence.

There’s only 1 person I’d want to get B back to swimming, Brian Lasky.

Brian of Got Bubbles trained Mo and B to get their Ryan Lochte on. His no-nonsense yet gentle technique gets people of all ages safely swimming in 8 days or less. Both Mo and B took his 8 day class and were swimming in 3 days.

It’s an amazing program. I know about 20 kids who have been through his immersion class and we all sing his praises. Brian is like an aquatic whisperer. He believes that you never forget how to swim, but you might lose your confidence. This is what happened to B.

securedownload-4Brian Lasky’s 4 day refresher course to the rescue.

Day 1 B wasn’t happy. His lack of confidence transferred to fear. It was sad to see him scared but I knew Brian would have him happily diving for toy fish in a day or 2. B endured Day 1 and it was refreshing to see his underwater skills emerge again even though he wasn’t happy about being in the water. He definitely still had his swimming chops, he just needed his water swag back.

Day 2 was total opposite of Day 1. B and I struck a deal that at the end of 4 days he would earn a Matchbox police truck. This (along with a couple Skittles) seemed to cure his swimming woes. Plus, I think a slight boost in his confidence helped. He seemed to trust himself, Brian, and the water more.

Day 3 he woke up ready to swim! He couldn’t wait to get to the pool and that made me smile. He was jumping into the water and swimming the length of the pool. He was going to the bottom of the pool to retrieve toys. Most importantly, he was safe in the water and around the pool and he was having fun!


Day 4 was the best day. I got to get in the water. Brian showed me how to encourage and help B with his swimming. He gave some great technique tips and things to watch as B’s swimming progressed. Jaws B loved showing off all his water moves. He didn’t wanna get out of the pool.

I’m at ease knowing he will enjoy the pool this summer but is also aware of water safety.

I have great peace of mind knowing both of my boys are trained and able to swim.




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