Friend Diversity

IMG_4627I just finished Mo’s birthday invites. As I reviewed his friend list the diversity of his classmates dawned on me.

His invite list looked like a UN summit: Syrian, Russian, Latino, African American, Asian, Arab and Multiracial.

At the tail end of his academic year at a new school I realized just how diverse Mo’s friends are. This made me smile.

Mo has made many friends and feels right at home in an environment surrounded by faces that are both similar and different from his.

It confirmed to me that we made the right decision changing schools from a less diverse environment to one more reflective of the world we live in.

Since the boys were small, I’ve enforced a belief for tolerance and understanding of different cultures. Our kids can grow up accepting others if they are open to indifference.

As they get older I continue to enforce and model acceptance.

“Children are not born prejudiced. Teach them tolerance, love, and acceptance in your words and actions.”-Nora

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