Patrick Peterson Gets Tough Love

PX00124_9-575x634I recently talked about how I withheld Mo from a weekend of soccer due to unacceptable grades.

I got mixed feedback for doing this. Some parents thought I was being over the top for disciplining my 8 year old, while others said they understood.

When I heard Patrick Peterson’s story, it made me smile.

Former LSU All American DB standout and 2 time NFL Pro Bowl selection for the Arizona Cardinals went through a similar experience in high school.

Pat’s father was on the football coaching staff at his high school. After a great freshman season his grades weren’t so good. His father took education seriously and made his son sit out his ENTIRE Sophomore football season in an attempt to improve his grades.

I am glad to know I’m not alone when it comes to the  importance of academics over athletics.

We as parents are responsible for guiding our kids. They will eventually be sent into a world that values the business and financials of sports over education and their future. It’s our duty to prepare our children.

I feel the same way about my decision as Patrick Peterson Sr. did about his, “I wanted to teach him a lesson about life,” he said. “You tell someone something and do something different, it isn’t right. I think it made him a better person, and he understands now what it takes to be the top player.”

Mo is only 8 but it is never too early to instill values especially when it comes to education.


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