Leave Pregnant Kim Kardashian Alone

KimKPregnantI have an issue with people criticizing pregnancy weight gain.

Women are hard enough on ourselves when it comes to our figure. I can’t imagine being publicly scrutinized by media and strangers for 9 months.

I roll my eyes each time someone chastises Kim Kardashian for pregger pounds.

Kim can’t catch a break.

It’s all over tabloids, social media, and newsstands.


She’s carrying a baby for crying out loud. Let her live.

I’ve never seen a pregnant woman continue to run an empire while looking so fab pregnant.

Her pregnancy ensembles trump my daily gear of sweats and tanks year round (and my kids are 4 and 8!). Gotta applaud her effort…makeup, hair, styling while being pregnant? If my hair was CLEAN when I was expecting that was a major feat in itself.

Even pregnant she continues to work and make money while constantly being on the go.

I hope Kim enjoys her pregnancy.

I gained so much weight pregnant I quit looking at the scale at doctor visits. Not because I was ashamed, but because I DIDN’T CARE!!! Motherhood is such a gift. I chose to embrace carrying a child and all things that come with it: cankles, over eating, big ass, and huge belly.

Besides, I knew after I gave birth I would be determined to get in shape. I dropped the weight with no problem. Around 6-7 months after delivering Bronson, walking/breastfeeding/divorce stress had me back in a bikini looking better than before my pregnancy.

nora_sexy1 nora_swimsuit1 nora_swimsuit2

If I could lose it I’m quite sure if Kim wants to, she will have the willpower and top notch arsenal of healthy eating and a workout team. She’ll have no problem slimming down.

If it makes you feel better about yourself to laugh at Kim K while she’s pregnant, enjoy the moment. I’ll bet a new Chloe bag once she delivers she will not only come back looking more beautiful AFTER the baby she’ll also expand her massive empire by cashing in on her weight loss.


Kim and Kanye West will welcome their new bundle of money love in July.

Get it Kimmie. You’re gorgeous. Welcome to the mommy club. You’re A Hot Mama certified!!!

Stylish pregnant Kimmie:

xkim-kardashian-pregnant-shot.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IvwCQkEt_f kim-kardashian-pregnant-in-sheet-top-en-route-to-airport Kim-Kprg Pregnant Kim Kardashian Heads To The Studio kim-kardashian-pregnant_550x544

Pre-Baby Kimmie will definitely be back:

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