Friend Of The Week

IMG_4998B’s preschool does something called Friend of the Week.

Each week a different classmate has a turn being the Friend of the Week (FOW). It’s such a great experience for the children.

Even though they enjoy being in the spotlight they also learn confidence and assertiveness. It’s amazing how much growth can develop from a week of planning classroom events, daily snack, and sharing favorite memories.

I will say Bronson was on a slight power trip as he enjoyed being the center of attention but it was also fun to hear him talk with so much pride about his family. He put a lot of time into making a FOW board which showcased some of his favorite photos and stickers. He accented it with a few of his drawings.

In past years FOW week has gotten slightly out of control, mostly due to parental competitiveness. There have been petting zoos, food trucks, and party planners. Afterall, this is LA. But I’m glad to see in recent years it’s been scaled back. The kids have taken the wheel of the their FOW experience.

Although I had my own ideas for the weekly events I let Bronson have complete control and 100% say-so (after I overruled Scooby Doo coming in for a meet and greet). He treated his friends to face painting by big brother Mo, arts and craft projects, tattoos, and story time. Bringing in Chicken McNuggets & french fries made his friends smile (minus the junior vegetarians) and popsicles were perfect on a hot day.


B sharing some FOW board pics


Making pirate hats w/friends.


Watching B share some of his fave toys.


Face painting by big brother.


Having lunch w/the FOW.

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