B Sharted

bronseyIt happens to everyone at least once in a lifetime.

Your tummy rumbles, you think it’s a fart, you let it rip….UH-OH!!!!!

My little B experienced his first shart.

Imagine his astonishment when he thought he was merely breaking wind but actually dropped a small bomb in his Scooby Doo undies.

I felt really bad for him, but in his defense, we were at a party and they served refried beans. Hey…it happens.

So, the biggest lesson from this is never trust a fart MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A FULL SET OF EXTRA CLOTHES IN YOUR CARE.

Luckily I keep a change of clothes in a plastic bag with wipes for myself and the boys in my car. I make sure to update the sizes for the boys.

B was already embarrassed. I can’t imagine having to make him leave in his sharty duds to get fresh clothes on top of that.

Better to be safe than sharted on.

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