24 Hour Juice Cleanse

IMG_20130404_083907When I came back from vacay I brought an extra ass a few extra pounds with me.

It’s not my fault.

How could I say no to endless macadamia nut dishes, fresh seafood, and pineapple everything?!

In addition to that my body was drained and I had trouble adjusting from the time difference.

To combat all this I decided to try a 1 day juice cleanse from Totes Juice.

LA is on a major juice craze and I’ve been hearing about benefits of juicing.

Here’s what I drank:


ROOT AWAKENING: Organic ginger root, organic carrot, organic apple

THE VERDE: Organic kale, organic green apple, organic lime, organic spinach, organic romaine, organic cucumber

YOLO: Organic parsley, organic wheatgrass, organic carrots, organic celery, organic apple, organic beets

SPICY TONIC: Organic pineapple, organic apple, organic ginger root, organic spinach

APPLE-TINI: Organic green apple, organic celery, organic cucumber

DIRTY-TINI: Organic green cabbage, organic green apples, organic carrots

NIGHT CAP: Organic almonds, organic dates, organic spices, organic salt, reverse osmosis water

I drank 1 juice every 2 hours and tons of water in between.


I was a little nervous if I could survive on liquids all day. Afterall, I’m a lover of chips, Krispy Kreme, and fried foods.

I did great in the AM and afternoon because I was on the go with the boys. I had a mild moment of weakness when Mo reminded me I promised to take him to Menchies. I almost caved, but I made it.

When we got home things got a lil difficult. I was surrounded by snacks galore: Goldfish, Pirate’s Booty, Vanilla Wafers, Cheetoes….even stuff that I’d never eat started to look good. I wanted gluten free granola, really????

I cheated. A lil.

I had thiry three Cheetoes. And some gummy worms, but that’s not food, right?

If you do a cleanse and are weak to food like me, make sure to put all the snacks and goodies out of eyesight. Especially Easter candy. Cadburry mini eggs kept ending up in my hand some kind of way.

After I banned myself from the kitchen I downed my final drink and couldn’t wait to sleep.

Finally my body was starting to make the shift from the time change. I felt tired around my normal bedtime (9:30) instead of 1AM.

I peed a zillion times during the day, but I guess that’s expected when you’re only consuming liquids.

The next morning I woke up feeling AH-MAY-ZING!!!

I was refreshed and renewed. I was filled with energy and had the best run and gym workout I can remember. The juice cleanse was the boost I needed to get back on track with my workouts and regular schedule.

Stay thirsty!!!!

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