Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday…

Famous BirthdaysWhat do me, Danica Patrick, Juvenile, Elton John, and Sarah Jessica Parker have in common?  Well, in addition to great hair and expensive taste in clothes, we all share the same birthday (March 25).  You can see what celebrities were born on the same day as you on the Famous Birthdays website. Click HERE.

Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver could have been blasting in the delivery room while my mom was pushing me out.  It was the #1 song on my birthday.   ThisDayInMusic.com lets you see the #1 song for any particular date: your birthday, anniversary, etc. On the day Morris was born, it was Let it Burn” by Usher, and my MD was doing the tootsie roll to Lollipop” by Lil Wayne as she pulled a breeched Bronson out.

To round out the birthday excitement, if you want to grab some free grub at places like Black Angus, Captain D’s, Daphne’s Greek Cafe, Souplantation or Baskin Robbins, this site shows you all kinds of freebies you can get in your neighborhood or online for your born day.  The free swag doesn’t stop there.  You can also check out the freebies for your kids and your pet.

So, don’t be a birthday scrooge on your special day.  These sites will hopefully make getting older (and wiser) just a little bit of fun.

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