Fresh Pressed Juice ATM

KreationATMSmoothies are out. Fresh pressed juice is in.

The latest craze in LA is juice. “Everyone” is doing it.

The boys and I love it. Our addiction could be worse.

Growing juicer, Kreation Juice has a juice bike, truck, kar, and 6 LA locations. They have recently added a 24 hour juice ATM to meet all your juicing needs.

They have an extensive menu with a juice for every palette and desired health function.

You can fulfill your 24 hour antioxidant and detox needs at their Beverly Hills ATM: 9609 S. Santa Monica Boulevard.

Couple the Kreation ATM with a cupcake from the Sprinkles ATM and escargot from the caviar ATM and you’ve got yourself a well balanced late night snack.

Only in LA.

For now.

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