PACKiT Mini Cooler

PackIt-Mini_CoolerMo and B have pretty much cruised through a year of school with their PACKiT lunchboxes. I am quite pleased they lasted this long, but my fave part is that they don’t have that funky lunchbox smell.

The boys and I were super happy when PACKiT sent us 2 Mini Coolers.

It has the same great construction and built in freezable gel insert as their lunchbox it’s just a little smaller.

My PACKiT mini cooler has probably extended the life of my Prada since I no longer need to stuff it with playdate snacks and drinks.

I can easily tote all the edibles in the mini cooler and who cares if it spills? One wipe easily cleans off the PVC-free, BPA-free, lead-free, non-toxic, earth-safe and reusable surface.

It stands 3 plums tall, 2 apples wide, and 1 water bottle deep.

If only everything were measured in PACKiT language.

The good peeps at PACKiT must be doing well. They have since expanded their line to include wine coolers, picnic bags,  and shopping bags. They even have super cute designs and colors now.

HELLLLOOOOO they have PURPLE!!!! As in LSU purple, well it’s not called that, but it’s a suggestion. 🙂

This is one infomercial worth investing in.

PACKiT can be purchased on their site, Target, Bed Bath Beyond…just Google it!!!!



*Disclosure: I received 2 PACKiT mini coolers for review. I did not receive compensation for this post. No request to share any particular point of view was made. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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