Trick Shot Titus Dropping Buckets on Jimmy Kimmel

TitusYouTube has discovered more stars than American Idol.

One of my faves is 2 year old basketball shooting sensation Titus. Trick Shot Titus does upside down shots laying on a trampoline w/a pacifier in his mouth, around the corner buckets, and 7 footers.

At the rate he’s going, he’ll give Mark Price and Rick Barry a run at free throw shooting in the NBA.

Check out young Titus on Jimmy Kimmel as they have a shootout. It’s more like Dwight Howard vs Steve Nash. I love the proud look on Papa Titus’s face and the fact that Lil T isn’t fazed by all the cameras, bright lights, or even Jimmy Kimmel’s Shaq-like block.

Keep balling Titus, there’s a Basketball Wife in your future!



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