Strippers at 16 Year Old’s Birthday

sweet16Is it me, or are Sweet 16 parties getting out of hand?

When I turned 16, we’d get together for a sleepover, eat pizza, cake & ice cream, and maybe try and watch a rated R movie on HBO through the fuzzy lines.

Recently Diddy’s son turned 16, he got a Maybach. Kids are having over the top birthday parties that rival wedding receptions. Parents are hiring top party planners to host grand events.

Judy Higer, a 33 year old mom from South Glen Falls, NY has taken the cake. This chic hired 2 STRIPPERS for her son’s 16th birthday party. *GASP*

Yes, strippers as in get your eagle on, drop it low, don’t stop get it get it  STRIPPERS!!!!

Judy Boody could face up to a year in prison for endangering the mental, physical or moral state of a child under 17.

Several teenagers at the bachelor birthday party received lap dancers. And who knows what else.

Maybe I’m a prude, but this just makes no sense to me. Sure the horny teenage boys probably loved it, but come on this is just crazy and so unacceptable to me. SMH

Mo and B are gonna have Chuck E. Cheese at their birthday party. So not having this…


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