Bye Bye Cursive Handwriting

cursiveI was a good student. The only area I ever had trouble in was Handwriting.

Yes, back in the old days we had HANDWRITING on our report cards. No matter how hard I tried, my cursive writing never cut it. I blamed it on the fact that my brain simply worked faster than my writing skills.

Honestly, I just wrote messy. I still do. I always envied the girls who wrote with the big swirly letters and pretty cursive. I wasn’t one of them.

People say I write like a dude. Or a 6 year old.

Recently lawmakers have established a set of national state standards adopted by 46 states and the District of Columbia called Common Core State Standards. This will eliminate teaching cursive writing from education curriculum and focus on keyboard proficiency.

Cursive was normally taught in 3rd grade. Now, students will transition from finishing learning how to print in second grade, to keyboarding skills in third grade.

I understand we are a technology based society but how will kids learn to sign their name? How will they read fancy wedding invitations? How will they read the original Constitution…Declaration of Independence? How will they read David Beckham’s tattoos?????

Banning cursive in schools is definitely a huge sign of the times. I demand a full pardon from my grade school report cards.

If you’d like to write and protest this new change feel free to grab your feather ink pen and send your swirly cursive letters to:

Department of Education Press Office, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, 7E-247, Washington, DC 20202.


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