Don’t Test Me

IMG_3905Kids are constantly testing their boundaries.

When they test their boundaries, that usually equates to testing our patience.

Sometimes it ends in a lose/lose battle.

Ultimately, we wanna keep our cool while our kids walk away learning a valuable lesson.

The morning of a big soccer game Mo woke up and dumped a big bucket of Legos on the floor. By big bucket, I mean enough Legos to fill a small swimming pool.

I reminded him that in addition to making his bed, he needed to pick all the Legos up before his soccer game.

“Sure Mom. I will.” he replied.

Five hours later he’s dressed and ready for his game and meets me in the car. As I’m backing out of the driveway here’s how it goes down:

Me: Did you pick up the Legos?

Mo: (long pause) Umm…no.

Me: Did you make your bed?

Mo: (longer pause and fake cough) Umm…err…no, cough cough.

I pull the car back into the driveway.

Me: You need to go back in the house and do what you were supposed to do.

Mo: But Moooooom, I’m gonna be late for my game.

Me: Oh well, you should have thought about that earlier.

Mo: grumble grumble….mean mom…not fair…gonna be late…

Naturally we were late for the game. As much as I preach the importance of being on time, I had to stick to my guns to teach the value of another lesson: Listen to Mom!!!!

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