Mama Drama At National Signing Day

browardThe 1st Wednesday of every February is National Signing Day.

HIgh school athletes across the United States sign a Letter of Intent to attend a college.

It is a huge deal. Young men and women have worked hard many years to attain athletic success and this is their day of recognition for a college scholarship.

As a mom of an 8 year old who already practices night and day with his sights set on an athletic scholarship, I can only imagine the pride the parents feel to see a dream of your child come to fruition.

Not to mention the thought of a FREE RIDE for your child to receive a college education.

I would be overwhelmed at either of my sons earning a college scholarship, but apparently some parents have more criteria when it comes to signing a NLI (National Letter of Intent).

Last year Landon Collins of Louisiana announced on national tv that he would attend The University of Alabama (blah). His mother was shocked and upset by his decision as she wanted him to attend LSU (no we are not related). She didn’t bite her tongue and let the world know she disagreed with his choice.

AlexCollinsThis year, a running back from Florida, Alex Collins (no relation) has been in the media because his mother wants him to stay close to home and attend The University of Miami. After a drama filled day, Alex eventually signed his NLI to play at The University of Arkansas. His mom was not present for his big day and she has since attained legal representation from The Cochran Firm.

Who knows the specifics of what is going on, but COME ON!!! This was the big day for Alex Collins to relish in the reward of years of hard work, training, and discipline. Only to upstaged by his mom’s tantrum of him not choosing the school of her liking.

Whatever her reason, it’s incredibly selfish to make your child’s moment about you whether it’s intentional or not. Sit down somewhere!

Kids make choices and they will eventually make mistakes. But this is how they grow, learn, and evolve into young men.  At some point our kids learn to be accountable for their actions. As parents we have to take a back seat and allow our children to stand on their own feet. When they fall, we are there to help them up.

Falling down is part of life. Don’t cripple your child but not allowing him the ability to learn resilience and redemption from mistakes and indiscretion.

Have faith that you’ve been a good parent and instilled the tools in your child to make sound choices. And when they mess up, it’s our job not to say “I told you so” but  rather “I am here for you and love you unconditionally“.

I don’t understand these moms that have such an opinion about where their son goes to play a sport to attend a college. I really don’t. Many chastise me and say I’d feel otherwise if Mo wanted to play football against LSU. I really wouldn’t. The thought of just not having to pay outta pocket for his education would make me smile regardless of the University!

Choosing a college is a big deal. It’s not choosing the Taliban. Or becoming a Vegas stripper. The kids are choosing EDUCATION! How can you frown on that?

Let’s do better parents. Birdie is leaving the nest and mommy needs to find a new hobby.

Let baby bird fly.

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