B Makes His Own Snack

IMG_4847Sometimes good things come from being lazy.

One morning B asked for a snack. I was beyond tired from pulling an all nighter studying for the GRE and simply couldn’t move. I guess after asking for the zillionith time and not getting a response, my hungry child took matters into his own famished hands.

He skipped into the kitchen, made a bunch of racket in the pantry, and about 15 minutes later (or that’s what I’m guessing since I think I dozed off on the couch) Chef Boyar-B concocted his own goodie plate.

I don’t know who was more proud, Bronson or me.

I was even impressed he came back with a few reasonably healthy choices (considering my stash of Pringles & Twizzlers in the pantry). It’s funny how sometimes when you ignore give your kids a chance at being independent the things they come up with.

Since I’m a huge supporter of positive reinforcement I praised him like he just named all the elements of the Periodic Table. In fact, as a show of good faith and supporter of his new snack making hobby, I sent him back in the kitchen to make a snack for me.


It’s been a few weeks and B still enjoys putting together his food plate. This has even carried over to him preparing his own snack for school. Being the opportunist that older siblings are, big brother Mo has also sanctioned B as the official snack maker in the household, letting B cater to all his epicurean needs.

Next order of business: getting Bronson to to do laundry.



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