Bye Bye Baby Pooch, Hello 10 Minute Ab Workout

As a mom, no matter how much of the baby weight we lose, many of us still struggle with the good ole baby pooch.

You know, that little area of “love” that accumulates just below the belly button.

I’m no fitness expert, but moms are always asking for suggestions to lose baby weight and get their pre-baby body back.

I recently stumbled upon a great ab video (yes, I am now THAT mom who does workout videos in her living room).

Olympic hurdler and LSU alum LoLo Jones recommended it, and well, if you’ve seen Lo’s abs, it will motivate any mom to ditch the Bon Bons and get off the sofa.

Running and swimming have been great for trimming my belly flubber, but now that it’s getting a little cooler, I need an alternative. Plus, busy days don’t give me much time to get out and about.

This video literally takes only TEN MINUTES, which means by the time B is done watching an episode of Scooby Doo, I’m already finished!

Try it a few times to get in the swing of it. Once you’ve caught on, you can mute it because like most workout videos, it starts to sound like a scene out of a porno.

I put on my fave playlist and I’m done within 3 songs.

Enjoy! If this doesn’t work for ya, keep looking til you find something you enjoy.

Don’t give up mommies. You can still have the body you want 🙂


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