Mariah Gets Festive With Jimmy Fallon

120512_mariah_carey_jimmy_fallon_teaserIt’s no secret that I stalk LOVE Mariah Carey.

Now that she’s a mommy, it’s just double the fun.

Since we’re Besties, she and I share many common interests, one being our kids, the other being festive for the Holidays.

On a recent visit to the Jimmy Fallon show, Mimi, Jimbo, and The Roots grabbed some instruments and little kids.

They did a fun version of her hit single “All I Want For Christmas“.

My boys love watching this one. It’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit.

Don’t fool yourself though, if YOU grab a bunch of kids’ instruments you prolly won’t sound this amazing, but hey, have fun!

For more Mariah holiday tunes, check out her 2nd Christmas CD, Merry Christmas II You.



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