Holiday Traditions

I LOVE the Holidays!!

Being a Mom gives you so much power to enact and veto holiday traditions.

Kids get so excited about the holidays and I love having a festive and happy home.

Our holiday traditions have been adapted from family and friends.

Here’s how it goes down at our crib:


Elf on the shelf is a lil skinny elf that reports to Santa who is naughty and nice in the household. A friend gave us this along with the book that tells the tale of how the elf watches the kids during the day then flies via magic to snitch report  findings to the Big Guy. In the morning he’s hiding in a new place and the kids find him when they wake up.

Pro- There are male and female elves. They also come in 2 different skin tones. The “dark skinned” elf actually looks a lot like B. Mo and I couldn’t stop laughing at the similarity. You can have fun hiding the elf in funny places and doing crazy things.

Cons- You actually have to remember to hide the elf before you go to bed. I’m on Day 2 and I’ve already forgotten twice and had to jump up at the crack of dawn to hurry and hide elf before the kids woke up. Elf isn’t so believable for older kids. I couldn’t even look Mo in the eyes when we were reading the Elf story because he had a “This is BS” look on his face. Lol

Advent Calendar:

An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to celebrate/count down the days til Christmas. Each calendar has a “window” which reveals a special poem, candy, or treat for each day. I found a really cool Lego calendar which reveals a new Lego project daily. I also got one that hides chocolate in a maze.

Pros- If your child asks a million times a day like B “how many days til Christmas” this is a great tool to help him visualize. You can make your own calendar and get creative with the goodies.

Cons- Hmm…haven’t really found any. Can’t really go wrong w/a small trinket/gift a day up unitl Christmas. Some of the advent calendars can be pricey, but there are a ton of options on the internet.

Matching Pajamas:

This is my absolute FAVE!!! On Christmas Eve I give the boys matching holiday pjs. Even though Mo is 8, he still seems to enjoy matching his lil bro. They know the twinsie sets are coming and they have fun seeing what I picked out.

Pros- When you take holiday pics and video on Christmas morning, the kids look great and cutesy in their coordinating outfits. 🙂

Cons- I’m sensing in a few years this tradition might fade out as the kids get older but I will milk it as long as I can.

Holiday Baking:

Cooler weather makes me wanna bake, and holiday baking is THE BEST! The boys give a lot of input into what kind of cookies they wanna make for themselves Santa. They also help with the baking process. We’ve already tried and perfected the recipe for Martha Stewart’s chewy sugar cookie. Still searching for a few other goodies.

Pros- A great family activity everyone can participate in.You will eat a lot of cookies.

Cons- You will eat a lot of cookies.

Holiday Playlist:

We play music year round in our house. But, at the holidays, we are extremely festive. Each morning before school we dance and sing to my our holiday favorites. Of course it’s loaded with Mariah classics, but we play a great mix of old and new holiday hits. Here’s a link to what we do the robot to:

Pros: Music puts everyone in a great mood. Easy, small holiday tradition to carry on. Songs have eternal memories.

Cons: These songs may stick in your head all day. And night. Even well after the holidays. 🙂

Have fun creating and celebrating your own holiday traditions. Your kids will appreciate it now and when they get older and have families of their own.

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