Oops, Mo Did It Again

This summer Mo had ligament damage to his ankle.

I was so proud how he handled spending the 2nd half of Summer in a cast.

We managed to get some swim time in thanks to a waterproof cast and even took a mini staycay and Mo met the Dallas Cowboys.

When his cast came off in September, he slowly weaned back into sports and was having a BEAST soccer season.

Just as soccer HOTTIE great Ronaldo came back stronger from injury early in his career, Mo did the same.

Mo was chosen a team captain,opposing teams had code names for him, and he was excited to participate in his 1st All Star soccer tournament.

However, it all came to an end while showing a soccer move with a basketball. Yes, a BASKETBALL. SMH

His right foot got stuck which made him stumble. He immediately fell to the ground and cried out in pain.

Having worked 8 years in physical therapy,2 of them in Sports Medicine, I’d say his ankle probably didn’t heal 100% initially. The ortho stated this type injury isn’t typical for an 8 year old, normally it’s not seen til the later teen years.

Here Mo is experiencing it twice in barely 3 months.

Upon diagnosis that he’d be in a cast for 12 weeks, Mo broke down and cried for an hour and a half straight.

His team was facing the #1 ranked team the next day and Mo was looking forward to leading his team of underdogs to an upset.

Afterall, he’d been studying video my sister shot of his previous game for 4 days preparing himself for the big soccer matchup.

He was crushed to say the least, but he was more worried about letting his team down than anything.

After that good cry, he hasn’t looked back.

I admire his positive attitude. He’s mature beyond his age understanding that this a temporary setback that eventually  will help him grow into a better athlete in the long run.

It amazes me how many people strike up a convo with Mo about his cast then go on to tell tales of how themselves or their children have had injuries.

It seems to offer Mo some solace that he’s not alone, kids get injured. The biggest consolation for him is knowing that almost all great athletes have endured an injury. Many of them return to sport even better than before.

His resilience  inspires me. No complaints or pity party.

Mo has re-kindled his love of computer games, and spends his extra time aggravating playing with his brother. To satisfy his sports itch, has taken up miniature golf. On Saturdays, he proudly cheers on his teammates from the sidelines.

So, it looks like he’ll spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in a cast.

2013 will be his year of Rehab and Redemption.


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