Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012

ATTENTION LADIES (and some gentlemen): After a 2 year hiatus, Oprah’s Favorite Things list is back! *insert wild and crazy jumping up and down screaming like you just won something here*

That’s right, The Queen of the world daytime tv will have a 2 hour special November 19 on OWN to reveal her top 49 fave things.

I’m normally a fan of Oprah’s Favorite Things list, I haven’t awaited something to come on tv so much since the Thriller video debuted, but I really wasn’t moved too much this go round.

I mean come on, Oprah hipped the world to UGGS, velour sweats, Burberry coats, Tory Burch, Garrett’s popcorn, Ralph Lauren cashmere, Philosophy products, Williams Sonoma croissants..the 2012 list just seems so uninspiring (and overpriced). *Yawn*

Anywho, here’s a few of the 49 items:

$450 bladeless fan like the Kardashian- PASS

Elliptical machine & Jetson’s bike-YUCK and YUCK

Blue Velvet Cake– What is this, for Crips? I’ll stick w/RED

$238 Lafco soap set-I’m good w/Dove

2 kinds of Tequila- I don’t drink

6 Truffle foot items- If it were 6 BUTTER items, I’d be interested

A sweater & a puffy coat- I live in LA

A checkbook clutch- Does anyone under 65 still write checks?!

A Josh Groban CD- Isn’t this the THIRD time he’s made the list? Can Oprah say Mariah Carey holiday cd?! IJS

Tempur mattress- I had one, it gave me back/neck problems

600 Hotel Thread Count sheets- NOW, we’re talking!!!! YES, Oprah

Bonded Teak Knives– YES!!! I am a lil Kray, but I do love cooking, knives are always high on my list

I think my favorite thing about Oprah’s Favorite Things list is that unsuspecting military spouses will be in the audience.

An added bonus is that for the first time, viewers of Oprah’s Favorite Things: 2012 will have the opportunity to watch and win select items featured in each segment of the show.

For a complete list of all 49 crappy items, go here.

What will you be buying from Oprah’s Favorite Things list???

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