I’m Getting BRAND NEW

The life of a Stay At Home mom can get very redundant. To retain some sort of order, having a daily schedule really helps. Wake up time, bath time, school, playdates, soccer…I run a pretty tight ship.

A regular schedule works great for organizational purposes plus kids like the security of knowing what to expect. However for me, it sometimes means predictable days.

I decided to start incorporating some NEW things for myself when I could.

I am definitely a creature of habit, but making a few small changes have helped make a big difference in my daily ho hum.

Here’s what I did:

I tried a new restaurant

When I find something I like, I stick with it then wear it out. It’s not that I don’t like trying new places, I just kinda get stuck when I enjoy something. Eating at a new spot really opened my mind (and stomach). I found a place that had an amazing menu and gave it a shot. It was AH-MAY-ZING. The service was incredible and the food super yummy. I highly recommend EAT to all my LA peeps. Their zucchini hashbrowns and exotic fruit made my tummy smile.

I tried a new radio station

My kids and I listen to Top 40 and R&B. I try to stay current so I can keep up with the kids. But man, they play the same songs over and over all day (I can only sing Call Me Maybe so many times). Since I’m in my car a good amount of time, music really shapes my mood. One day I decided to try a new station and WOW, it really altered my disposition. I picked 94.7 The Wave which plays a lot of songs I grew up listening to. Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m at the dentist office, but the soft instrumental and throwback songs take me to a nostalgic and calming place.

I let my hair down

When I’m in Mom Mode, I’m Plain Jane: ponytail, sweats, no makeup. It’s low maintanence and fast. Who has time to get ready?! I decided to switch it up one day and wear my hair down all day. This is big for me people, I am srtictly a ponytail endorser. It was actually quite liberating. Letting my hair down physically seemed to transform into metaphorically speaking also. I felt less uptight and even did a few traffic stopping hair tosses!

I got out of the house

When I get a free time sans the boys, I usually spend it doing things around the house I’m never able to do while they’re there-clean out the closets, endless loads of laundry, tidy the kitchen, etc. One day I decided I was gonna venture out of my comfort zone and head to one of my fave places, THE BEACH! I always go with the boys and we have a great time, but it was so relaxing to just sit and enjoy the waves. I took a book, plenty of sunscreen, and lunch (which was eaten by a pack of crazy Seagulls) and just loved being serenaded by the Pacific Ocean.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

These minor changes really helped make me step outside of my normally routine life. It also helped me to live in the moment and appreciate things that I normally don’t notice. A happier me makes a happier Mom.

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