I’m A Snob

One of the great benefits of having kids is making them do chores passing on your love of things.

By this, I mean our kids often are forced learn to love some of the things WE love.

For example, the other day Mo said he wants to play football at LSU. Hmm…where did that come from? He lives on the West Coast, has never been to Louisiana, and is only in 3rd grade.

Oh wait, could it be the LSU Christmas card we made for all our friends and family last year? Maybe it’s the purple and gold LSU flag that flies 24/7 outside our house. Oh look===> LSU Football has it’s own category on my blog. Wait, maybe it’s all the LSU football parties we host. The complete line of LSU tshirts I bought Mo? Ok, ok, I’m a proud LSU Alumni and MIGHT HAVE indirectly shared my love for the most amazing school ever founded….

Mo’s admiration for LSU made me realize the powerful influence of parenting. I had to re-eval myself and what I’m teaching my kids.

I am very low key. I thank my parents for raising me to have extreme humility, sincerity, and respect for myself and others.

However, we all have some snob in us, we are just snobs about different things.

Here are my snob mannerisms:

SEC snob: As stated earlier, I LOVE LSU, but not just LSU, I love the entire SEC. How can I not? I grew up in the South, went to 2 SEC schools, and lets face it, the SEC dominates college athletics. We are the current reigning National Champions in football, men’s basketball, softball, men’s indoor & outdoor track and field, women’s outdoor track and field, women’s tennis, women’s golf, and women’s gymnastics.

Toilet paper snob: This snobbery was passed down to me from my Dad. We are a family of farters, even though we are a frugal bunch, no penny is spared when it comes to wiping our ass, only the best. You will not find any toilet paper other than Charmin in our household. Eh-verrr!

Concert snob: I’m not a partier, but I enjoy good music and live performances. When one of my fave artists puts on a show, I love to support them. However, even if there are thousands of other people there, I have to sit up close and personal. Let’s just say I took Mo to see Mariah Carey in concert and her husband, Nick Cannon sat behind us.

Hotel snob: I don’t leave my house much, especially overnight, but when I do, I like nice accommodations. What’s the point of leaving your home if you’re not in as much comfort as you are in your own house? Plus I think I was traumatized as a child when my Dad responded to a Free Disneyworld Sweepstakes mailer. We ended up in a roach infested, crime scene looking Motel. Yikes!

There you have it! The snobby facets of a down to earth girl. I wonder which ones will pass down to my kids…

What are you a snob about???

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