Where Is Mo’s PackIt Lunchbox?

Just before school started, the boys and I were watching tv when the PackIt infomercial came on.

If you know my history with the Snuggie and Slushie Magic, you already know where this is going…yeah, we called the 800 number within 15 minutes and got the 2nd PackIt absolutely free!!!!

In addition to ordering online, you can also find PackIt at Target, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

If you’re not familiar with PackIt , it’s an insulated lunch box that folds up, freezes overnight, and it keeps food and drinks cool. It basically eliminates the use of those bulky frozen inserts we put in our kid’s lunch boxes.

My favorite thing is the material of the lunchbox, it’s good quality and doesn’t get stinky like a lot of the character lunch boxes. The insulated interior is also easy to wipe down and decreases food funk odor.

I actually love the PackIt, I take it to the beach, park, and on playdates to keep snacks cool. The designs are grown up so I never feel goofy carrying it around.

Welllllll…..a couple months into the school year, Mo has lost his PackIt….or was it stolen (cue Law and Order theme song)??? Mo has said a few kids have had their eye on his stylish insulated lunchbox.

As much as I love the PackIt, I refuse to buy another one.

What is it about kids not being able to keep up with things at school? Jackets, gym clothes, lunch boxes, homework….it never fails. But let Mo take a Bey Blade to school and you  best believe it’s glued to his hip and in his peripheral vision at all times.

For now, he’s going old school and toting his lunch in a good ole fashion plastic grocery bag, and he’s not happy about that.

He’s tried to coerce his unsuspecting little brother into breaking him off HIS PackIt, but B won’t budge. He loves his “cold lunch box”.

I guess if I REALLY wanna punish Mo, I can make him eat school lunch.

Hopefully the beloved PackIt makes it’s way to the Lost and Found. Otherwise I’m gonna have to get Lt. Anita Van Buren and crew on the case!

Mo tried to entice B to give him his PackIt…DIDN’T WORK!

B loves his Big Boy lunchbox




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