Single Parent Secrets From NBA Champion Dwyane Wade

There are too many stories about the downfall and negative activity of athletes.

So after a read a very positive article in Parenting, I couldn’t wait to share.

Basketball fans know Dwyane Wade as a 2 time NBA Champion, 8 time All Star, Miami Heat’s All Time Leader in Scoring & Assists, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.

However his proudest accomplishments seem to be off the court as a Dad.

Wade is a single dad with sole custody of his children, Zaire 10, and Zion, 5.

With his NBA schedule he says he has help from his sister and mom while he’s on the road. He doesn’t miss a beat though, communicating with his sons EVERY day via a phone call.

Knowing the importance of communication he also use text and Skype to share in his sons’ daily experiences. His son Zaire has his own Blackberry to text Daddy Wade (Dang, I didn’t get my 1st Blackberry til I was 30! Go head Lil Z…)

Wade tells Parenting, “At home, my kids are the priority. I’m there for their special moments, and make every effort to never miss a birthday.”

Some may say giving kids attention, affection, and communicating are what parents should do. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many homes. It’s great to see Mr. Wade exemplifying great antics on and off the court.

In his new book, “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball” Wade tells his story growing up on Chicago’s South Side, mentors and coaches who influenced his basketball career, his legal custody battle with his ex-wife, and his parenting philosophy.

After reading an excerpt from the book, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of his journey:

Yes, it’s true — I love the roar of the crowd. When the fans are with you, their voices come together in a big booming rush of sound that you can actually feel in your body — almost like a wave that lifts you and carries you past your own limits.

I love the chants, the stomping of feet, the eruptions of cheers, hoots, and hollers. Besides the fact that I’m lucky to do what I love for my living, I’m blessed every day on the job with the joy of hearing fans and announcers call my name. Not to mention various nicknames — from “D‑Wade” to “Flash” to just “#3.”

But as much as I love the music of the crowd when they’re with me, none of that comes close to the thrill of hearing my sons call out my most favorite name of all: “Daddy!” Any time, anywhere, any day.

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