Simone I. Smith Lollipop Necklace

So…I told you how Simone I. Smith has THE BEST hoop earrings in the world.

WELLLLL….she continues to go after my heart.

My new fave Simone creation is her Lollipop charm necklace.

Simone I. Smith teamed up with the American Cancer Society to introduce “A Sweet Touch of Hope.

This stylish lollipop charm will help raise funds and awareness to help save more lives from cancer, a disease that affects everyone in some way. In 2004, Simone was diagnosed with stage III chondorosarcoma– a rare form of cancer. Her treatment required an invasive surgery that altered the appearance of her lollipop tattoo. “It literally looks like someone took a bite out of it,” says Simone. Inspired by her experience, the lollipop now represents Simone’s journey to getting well and staying well, and has sparked a desire to help other cancer survivors.

10% of the purchase price will be contributed to the American Cancer Society.

They come in jeweled enamel ($100) and crystal($300).

So….being the LSU fanatic that I am, I went with the purple Amethyst Crystal 18K Gold over Sterling Silver. This will compliment all my LSU gear quite nicely.

Many women like to buy the birthstone of their kids or themselves, but since I’m really just a dude trapped inside a super hot female body, of course I go with my fave sports team colors. I am looking to add The Citrine birthstone to complete the purple and gold look (ahem…).

I also got a sneak peek at some new items coming out in her line. She has incorporated some wood embellishments into the collection as well as lots of purple (Woo Hoo…GEAUX Tigers!).

I love this line and I love supporting Simone. She’s a wonderful Hot Mama to 4 beautiful kids.

She has such a great story many moms can relate to, having spent many years raising her children and supporting her husband’s career. Now she has launched her own line of jewelry.

And well…she’s an Aries like me, so that garners instant approval!

Look for her line in stores and you can shop online as well.

*UPDATE* You can now get a Simone I. Smith lollipop necklace on QVC.

Her lollipop necklace will be available on a sterling silver chain for $49.75.

10% of your purchase goes towards the American Cancer Society, with a $5,000 guaranteed minimum donation.

Shop QVC here and see Simone and her line live Tuesday, September 18 10 PM EST..

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