Chad Jones-Road To Recovery

I love sports for my kids.

It keeps them out of my hair busy.

There are also so many great characteristics to learn from sports: character, sportsmanship, perseverance, work ethic, and team work to name a few.

I love when when I can teach my boys life lessons from sports and athletes.

Recently Heisman candidate and LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu was in the news. The Honey Badger’s dismissal from the LSU football program gave Mo and I a chance to talk about following the rules.

Another LSU Tiger is making headlines.

Chad Jones is a New Orleans native.

As a high school athlete, he was ranked the #1 Safety in the country by Rivals and Scout.

He went on to win a National Football Championship with the 2007-2008 LSU football team AND a National Baseball Championship with the 2009 baseball team.

Chad is one of 2 athletes in history to ever win both a BCS national title and a baseball national title (the other is his LSU college roommate Jared Mitchell).

Chad was drafted by the New York Giants and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Unfortunately, his life changed after a near fatal car accident.

He had to be extracted from his SUV. His left leg was broken with severe nerve and ligament damage.  He never got a chance to play in the NFL.

This didn’t stop Chad from going after his dream. For the past 2 years he has been training and working hard to play professional sports.

He says his motivation comes from thinking about his son and girlfriend.

His story is amazing, his work ethic and drive admirable.

His leg was broken but his heart strengthened.

This graphic video tells his story about his road to recovery (*Warning* it shows his actual leg injury which is bloody and Mo kept pausing it to stare, he is weird like that).

The video also shows him rehabbing with physical therapy and his speed & strength coach, which is cool for young athletes to see all the hard work that athletes put into getting in top shape.

I’m rooting for Chad and love sharing his journey with my son. His determination and positive attitude are much more impressive than his athletic ability.


[vimeo w=500&h=281] <p><a href=”″>Always A Fire</a> from <a href=””>Union HZ</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

***UPDATE*** 07/07/13 The drive and determination of Chad Jones continues to pay off.  He was drafted in the 2013 MLB draft in the 9th round by the Cincinnati Reds.  This makes the 4th time he has been drafted by a pro team:

-2010 by the NY Giants as a safety

-Straight out of high school in 2007 by the Astros (he decided to attend college instead)

-2010 by the Brewers

-2013 by the Reds.

Wishing the 6’3 220 pound leftie nothing but success.  He has defied so many odds with his passion and ambition.

Here’s a pic Chad recently posted on his Instagram


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