Eff You Homework

Barely the second week into school, and I’m already trying to figure out how to get Mo more excited about homework.

I don’t get it, I LOVED doing homework when I was in school. I used to sneak during regular school to do my homework just because I was so excited.

Some would have called me a Nerd, I call it being studious.

Mo, on the other hand, would rather run 20 laps than sit down and write spelling words 5x.

I don’t like making homework a battle or a negative thing. I want him to just view it as a part of school or his daily routine. After all, he has over 10 years of homework ahead of him. Better get used to it now, it’s only going to get harder.

So, when I walked in him room and caught a glimpse of what he wrote, I was shocked!!!!

Geez, he didn’t even spell “homework” correctly.

And who taught him the F word?!

He erased it and replaced it with happy faces.

I need a homework intervention. How do you encourage your child to get it done???

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