The LeBron James $315 Shoe

This Fall, Nike will launch the Lebron X.

It’s identical to the red, white, and blue pair LeBron James wore during Team USA’s gold medal victory over Spain at the London Olympics.

They will cost $180.

For those that wish to spend MORE money on a pair of sneakers, the LeBron X Nike Plus are expected to retail for $315.

This will be Nike’s most expensive basketball shoe.

Currently, their highest-priced shoes are the LeBron 9 PS Elite for $250, and the Nike Hyperdunk+ Sport Pack, also priced at $250.

Will the LeBron X Nike Plus help you win a gold medal?

Will the LeBron X Nike Plus guarantee a NBA Championship and MVP?

Will the LeBron X Nike Plus give you over 5.8 million Twitter followers?

Will the LeBron X Nike Plus come with a receding hairline and headband?

Who knows…but the $315 shoe will have high-tech features built into the sole.

This Nike+ Basketball technology uses motion sensors that will track and measure performance, such as how fast the wearer moves, distance traveled and height of jumps, which can be accessed by an app on a smartphone.

Yes, everyone needs this info to do what???? Oh yeah, post these gripping stats to their Facebook and Twitter, right?

As a mom, I will not be buying these for my sons. I like LeBron as a player and how he’s a positive figure who works hard and stays motivated.

When it seemed the world was against him, he proved them wrong with class and style.

Luckily, B only likes shoes that light up when he runs and have pics of Buzz Light Year. Mo is a Cali kid, so he’s a Kobe fan. Also a SEC lover, so a John Wall fan. Phew!!!

Plus, he just knows better than to ask me for a shoe that costs that much. For now anyway.

As for LeBron’s new shoe, I will be expecting to see the same men with a small penis, Canary yellow sports car, and Ed Hardy jeans sporting the limited edition (only 50,00 pairs are being made) $315 LeBron X Nike Plus.

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