Waterproof Cast

There are some things you can’t prevent, kids are gonna get hurt.

What you can do is be prepared.

Mo tore 2 ligaments in his ankle mid Summer and had to wear a cast. This really put a dent in our summer plans: camp, travel, swimming.

But I did find something that helped  him to enjoy the insane hot LA days: a WATERPROOF CAST!!!

In addition to giving him some fun pool days, it also made showering easy.

If you’ve never smelled a wet cast, imagine the scent of Cheetos, mildewed underwear, the LA Zoo, and a NY sewer rolled into one.

A wet cast is funky!!!!

The Dry Pro waterproof cast saved our Summer (and a lot of my sanity).

It’s a sleek waterproof covering that slides on over the cast. If feels similar to a rubber wetsuit.

It comes with a small pump that sucks the air out and makes it air tight (just remember to close the small opening after extracting the air, Mo forgot once and water seeped in).

It’s pretty easy to use, Mo put it on and off by himself.

I couldn’t believe how well it worked.

They make them for arms and legs in the good ole U.S.A

I didn’t see specific sizes for kids. I got the adult small for Mo and it fit fine.

They’re priced between $25-30. Money well spent for Mo to enjoy a little swimming. After all, I didn’t want him to feel like having torn ligaments was a punishment.

So glad he was still able to enjoy some Summer fun.

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