I’m A Soccer Coach

I love to experience new things with my kids.

When soccer sign ups for Bronson rolled around, I decided to see if he would enjoy it.

After all, he’s from a soccer family and has pretty much grown up on a soccer field watching Mo.

I don’t know if I was in Ronaldo fever or what, but I also decided to volunteer to be a Coach. Since I’m always complaining consulting Mo’s Coaches, I figured I’d give it a shot.

How hard could it be to coach ten 4-5 year olds??? (famous last words)

This league is all about fun. I can get down with fun. I have a TON of fun when Mo and his team score goals…

After our Coaches meeting, I realized I had to tame my idea of fun (note to self, no excessive celebrating on the sidelines when we score…Less Deion “Prime Time” Sanders attitude and more “everyone is a winner”).

Ok, on to our 1st practice….I was super nervous. I don’t know why. I love soccer and I love kids, but when it comes to my boys, I just wanna do right. I embarrass them enough without really doing a thing, so I really didn’t want to disappoint.

With Mo as my trusty Assistant Coach, we took to the field! The parents and kids were great and we all had a ball.

My most important order of business was getting there early and snagging the best spot in the shade to practice in the 90 degree heat: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Looking forward to a great experience and wonderful soccer season hanging with my boys!

Waiting in line to shoot, B is definitely my child.

Coach Mo was so great w/the kids. He got a little whistle happy.

Mo led the stretches. Bronson goofed off a bit.

Discussing shooting tactics…I was impressed at how attentive the kids were.

Chase the Coach was a popular game.

You’re it!

B responded well to the water breaks in the shade

Going over the rules of soccer. B contributed “Don’t put anyone in jail or call them Scooby Doo”.

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